A good lifestyle is beneficial to the heart. Here are four ways to take charge of your heart health.

Consume healthy Fats. 
You require fats in your diet. You don’t require trans fat since they are known to expand the danger of bringing stroke and diseases of the heart. Arteries are clogged by bad cholesterol raised by the trans fats thus lowering the blood flow in the body. Eliminating them helps in good blood flow in the body. Trans fats are industry-created fats frequently utilized in packaged margarine, snack foods, baked products, and fried quick foods to include texture and flavor.

Manage your weight. 
Being overweight can build risks of heart disease. Adhere to a healthy low-fat diet and ensure it has lots of vegetables and fruits combined with regular physical activity.

See whether you have a healthy weight with the BMI calculator. In case you’re overweight, try a weight loss plan.

Eat fish 
Eat fish like two times every week, including a bit of oily fish. Fish, for example, sardines, mackerel, salmon and fresh tuna are a source of omega-3 fats, which prevent diseases of the heart.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t have two portions of this fish a week.

Cut down on salt 
To keep a healthy blood pressure, abstain from utilizing salt at the table and add less to your cooking. Always avoid high salt levels in ready-made foods. Some of the salt we eat is already in the foods we buy therefore check the food labels.

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