If you want to build a muscular physique and lose fat, post workout supplements are very important for bodybuilding. They not only help in the breakdown of muscles and food supply, but also in the protein synthesis, which contributes to the muscles. Without them, muscles could easily collapse as a result of over-exertion and instead of building muscle, you could lose some of it.

Any good bodybuilding supplement counselor, therefore, recommends that you take your diet seriously after training if you want to make a profit. It is also important to understand what ingredients the body needs within 1-2 hours to get the maximum benefit. So here’s a list of the nutritional components you need to eat after each workout:

Post-workout protein

Proteins are very important after exercise because the body needs them most. Proteins are very important for the repair of wear and also for protein synthesis in the body. This prevents muscle breakdown and increases muscle growth. It has also been found that taking protein directly after exercise provides better results than taking it during rest periods. Your protein intake should be around fifty grams or as suggested by your trainer. Good sources of protein are meat, eggs, milk, fish, legumes, etc.

Carbohydrates after exercise

You might think that carbs can get fat after exercise, but it’s very important to prevent carbohydrate deficiency in the body. Remember that your body is too tired after exercise and needs the energy that these carbohydrates provide. Carbohydrates can also increase insulin levels in the blood and keep them elevated for a long time. This helps to control excess blood sugar, which can be detrimental to the muscles. They also help in increasing the level of glycogen in the body, which is essential for improving performance.

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