Are you planning to begin consuming acai berries and thus desire knowing about the various superfood benefits you will encounter? If yes, these proven facts about acai berry will be appropriate with your needs. Acai berry refers to an inch- long, reddish- purple type of fruit that is derived from an acai palm tree. This kind of fruit is rich in antioxidants and can supply your body with a number of merits.

Since acai berries are loaded with strong plant compounds acting as antioxidants, using the fruits can make you experience positive effects on your heart, brain and entire body in general. Here are the merits associated with using acai berries:

Acai Berry Benefits

#1: Acai Berries are Nutrient- Dense

Acai berry has a unique nutritional form of a fruit since it is low in sugar and high in fat. It also contains essential minerals such as copper, manganese, zinc and iron among others as well as plant compounds like anthocyanins which produce its antioxidant nature.

#2: Improving Cholesterol Levels

Acai berry can aid in improving cholesterol level because it has the potential to decrease LDL and total cholesterol. Acai berries contain plant sterols that are crucial in preventing cholesterol from absorbing in your body.
Therefore, by using acai berries, you can significantly lower your levels of cholesterol in the body.

#3: Boosting Brain Function

The various plant compounds present in acai berry can protect the brain from damage as a person ages.

Side Effects of Acai Berry

The potential side effects of acai berry can be experienced if you over consume the fruit. Over consuming acai berries can make you encounter an increased blood pressure rate.

Bottom Line

Ensure you consume acai berries accordingly so that you can reap the numerous merits associated with these fruits and avoid the pitfalls associated with inappropriate use of them.

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